About Nieuw Deco

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In 2001 this one-man business started to import articles from the Far-East. Now, a couple of years later, the company has her own character and she developed herself as a flexible company that thinks together with her customers.

Nieuw Deco b.v. distinguishes herself from other importers by being a small and flexible company that has the possibility to create a personal connection with her customers. Due to this, she can react early on changes on the market and because of that, she is mainly very innovative. She can keep her customers up-to-date and increase their sale changes with the right articles. Plant-breeders, exporters and wholesale dealers fall to the patronage.

With our showroom, situated next to the Bloemenveiling (Flower auction) Aalsmeer, we will always be close to our customers and we can make a fast service possible.

We hope to get in contact with you soon, by welcoming you in our showroom or, by phone, to make an appointment with you.

Yours faithfully,
Nieuw Deco b.v.

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